June 4, 2018 – 900 Round Event
June 5, 2018 – 3D Event

Check In starts at 8am – Event starts at 9am both days

Events and Divisions:

  • 900 Round and 3D Events
  • If 3 females register in a single discipline – we will have a female division
  • Bowhunter Limited
  • Bowhunter Freestyle
  • Freestyle
  • Traditional
  • Known 45 (3D only) – minimum of 3 participants is required


$30 per event “Entry includes range fees”
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Sport Coordinators:

Rick & Corky Dorey

First Responder Sports

Participant Information

A reminder that all participants must pick up their pre-paid participation credentials at the host hotel prior to participation  The credential office is open from 7 am til 5pm from June 4th til June 15th. It is also open June 3rd after 12:00 noon. There is an additional fee for participants that do not purchase their credentials before June 1st.  Participants will not be allowed to participate without proper credentials on their person at the time of event. The host hotel is located at:

Crowne Plaza – Bell Tower
13051 Bell Tower Dr,
Fort Myers, FL 33907


Lee County Archers
8400 Nalle Grade Rd.,
North Ft Myers, Fl

From Interstate 75 Exit 143 – go east on Bayshore Road (State Road 78) a half mile. Go north on Nalle Road 2 1/2 miles. Go west on Nalle Grande Road 1 1/2 miles. Enter through park gate on south side of the road and follow the dirt road to the pavilion.

A GPS address of 8400 Nalle Grade Rd., North Ft Myers, will bring you to the main gate.

Contestants entered will be posted here


These are the allowable shooting styles:

  • Freestyle (Open/Unlimited):

The only restrictions in this division are that no laser light “type” sights or built in range finders may be used.

  • Bowhunter Freestyle:

No restriction on number of pins allowed, per FAA’s rule revision. Points of attachment shall not be considered reference points. Sighting reference points, string peep and/or kisser button may not be moved during a round. Scopes, clickers and draw checks are not allowed.
Release aids will be permitted. In case of physical deformity, chew strap may be used in place of fingers or release aids.
Pinguards mounted on the sight, and levels mounted anywhere will be legal in this style of shooting, provided that there are no additional marks or blemishes on either of these items that could be used for sighting.
There shall be no device, mechanical or otherwise, in the sight window except the arrow rest and/or cushion plungers. Any part of the arrow rest extending more than ¼ inch above the arrow shaft is deemed illegal.
A string of suitable material with a center serving and end servings of the same or different color than the string may be used. One consistent nocking point only is permitted. Nocking point locators shall not extend more than ½ inch above or below the arrow nock when at full draw. Brush buttons and string silencers properly attached will be legal.
One anchor point only is permitted.
All arrows shall be identical in size, length, weight, and fletching with allowances for wear and tear.
Brush buttons, string silencers, no less than 12 inches above or below the nocking point, and bow quiver installed on the opposite side of the sight window, with no part of the quiver or attachments visible in the sight window are legal. One straight stabilizer, coupling device included if used, which cannot exceed 12 inches at any time, as measured from the back of the bow, may be used. No forked stabilizer or any counter balance will be legal.
An archer will not be permitted to change the draw weight of the bow during a round.
The pylon (string clearance bar) will be allowed in this style of shooting if it is not located in the sight window.
During a round no adjustments may be made to the bow and its related equipment unless equipment failure is recognized.

  • Bowhunter Limited:

Same as Bowhunter Freestyle except for these restrictions:

Release aids will not be permitted.
An archer must draw and anchor the bowstring with the index finger touching the nock throughout the draw and release of the arrow. When the index finger is placed above the nock the middle finger is placed below the nock, the third finger, if used, must touch the middle finger; or the index finger must touch the bottom of the nock with the middle finger touching the index finger, and the third finger, if used, touching the middle finger. Finger position may not be changed during competition. In case of physical deformity, chew strap may be used in place of fingers.

  • Traditional:

This style of shooting is for those who wish to compete with the Recurve or Longbow.
No device of any kind, including arrow rest, that can be used for sighting will be used or attached to the archers’ equipment.
There shall be no device, mechanical or otherwise, in the sight window except the arrow rest, arrow plate or plunger button.
No part of the rest or arrow plate may extend more than ¼ inch above the arrow.
No clickers, drawchecks or levels will be allowed. No laminations, marks or blemishes on the face of the bow or in the sight window will be legal.
The string may be of any color but must have a single color center serving. One single nocking point is permitted. One or two nock locators may be used. Brush buttons and string silencers, properly placed may be used. Any other marks or string attachments will be illegal.
One anchor point only is permitted.
The archer shall touch the arrow when nocked and drawing the arrow with the index finger against the nock. Finger position may not be changed during competition. In case of physical deformity a chew strap may be used in place of fingers.
Gloves, tabs or fingers shall be the only legal releases. In case of physical deformity, chew strap may be used in place of fingers.
All arrows shall be identical in length, weight, diameter and fletching with allowance for wear and tear.
No stabilizer or counter balance may be used.
No written memorandum will be allowed.
Bow Slings are permissible.

  • Known 45: (3D Event Only)

This will be shot as one class with no separation between age, sex or equipment. The maximum distance to be shot will be 45 yards, plus or minus. Everyone entering this class will be grouped separately from the other classes, so as not to mix known distance shooters with unknown. For ranges/targets designated for known distance competition, yardages may be provided as measured within a yard tolerance based on equipment used. Shooters in this class may elect to use range finders, but may not delay the competition and are required to share their information, if requested, by another competitor in their group.      NOTE: Since known distance shooters are grouped separate from the other classes, a minimum of 3 competitors are needed in this division for official scoring, in order to allow this class.


  • Bows are restricted to no more than 280 ft/sec arrow speed (3% variance will be allowed).
  • No Range finders allowed for any of the competition.
  • Binoculars, that do not contain range finder capabilities, are allowed.
  • No Crossbows allowed.

See the rules of sports for additional information.

The event is divided into the following divisions:

  • Mens 900 Round
  • Womens 900 Round
  • Mens 3D
  • Womens 3D

Bows are restricted to no more than 280 ft/sec arrow speed (3% variance will be allowed).
No Range finders allowed for any of the competition.
Binoculars, that do not contain range finder capabilities, are allowed.
No Crossbows allowed.

Individual:  Medals to individuals in each category for both the 3D and 900 Round Competitions

Event Coordinator:  The Event Coordinator will supervise all facets of this event.

A Protest Committee consisting of the event coordinator, and a member of the executive staff shall be assembled on matters regarding protests.  The decision rendered by this committee is final.

TOURNAMENT OFFICIALS: Tournament officials reserve the right to disqualify anyone for any reason deemed appropriate and are the final authority in all matters concerning the tournament.

The facility should be free of major obstruction and should be a spectator friendly location.

Competition will be held over 2 days.  One day for each event – 3D and 900 Round. A briefing to be held prior to the event will explain the rules and regulations, the start time and location.

Target (900) Round Competition

The Target, or 900 Round, will be shot using NFAA/IFAA guidelines. The 900 Round consists of shooting 30 arrows each at 60, 50 and 40 yards, using the standard 122-cm FITA face. The targets are divided into 5 concentric color zones arranged from the center outward as follows: Yellow (Gold), Red, Blue, Black and White.

There will be a minimum of 3 shooters assigned to each target. Each target group shall select a captain and 2 scorers, for double scoring. Both Scorekeepers and the shooter must sign each of the scorecards.

Binoculars or Spotting scopes may be used on the line.

There are 5 ends at each of the 3 distances. An End consists of 6 consecutive arrows shot within a maximum allowed time of 5 minutes. A signal will be given to start and finish each end. There is no score for arrows shot before or after the signals.

An Archer shall stand so that he has one foot on each side of the shooting line.

There will be 2 practice ends, only from the longest distance, at the beginning of the tournament.

If an archer shoots more than six arrows in one end, only the lowest six shall score.

In the case of equipment failure, an archer is entitled to 15 minutes of repair time and one end to sight in. Only 1 equipment failure per round per archer is allowed.

Scoring: inner gold – 10, outer gold – 9, inner red – 8, outer red – 7, inner blue – 6, outer blue – 5, inner black – 4, outer black – 3, inner white – 2, and outer white – 1. Perfect score is (3 distances) x (30 arrows/distance) x (10) = 900. Ties will be broken by X counts.

Neither the arrows nor the target face shall be touched until all arrows on that target have been recorded.

An arrow shaft need only touch the line to be counted as the higher value.

An arrow that has passed through the scoring face, which is not visible from the front, but still in the target, must be scored by a Field Official. Arrows that pass completely through the target, if witnessed, shall be reshot.

An arrow that rebounds from the scoring face, if witnessed, shall be reshot.

Hits on the wrong target score as a miss.

Amended NFAA rules apply as follows.
1. Binoculars will be allowed on the range. NO RANGE FINDERS
2. Two rounds of 20 targets each. One arrow shot per target. Unmarked distances. Shooting lanes must be cleared to allow unobstructed arrow flight to the kill zone of the target.
3. Scoring: 12 (low offset ASA), 10 vitals, 8 Kill, and 5 wound.
4. The 12 ring in the lower rear corner of the kill zone (as McKenzie provides for ASA) will be used for a 12 ring at FAA 3-D Championships.
5. Ties will be broken using the total number of 12’s shot. If still tied, then sudden death by target shoot will be used.
6. In all NFAA Rounds, an arrow shaft need only touch the line to be counted in the area of next higher value.

General competition shooting rules

1) You must touch the shooting stake with some part of your body. Failure to do so will cause said arrow to be “no score”.
2) No archer shall advance to the target and then return to the stake and shoot for any reason.
3) A witnessed pass through or bounce out will be re-shot.
4) An archer leaving the range for any reason other than equipment failure may be privileged to return to his/her group and complete unfinished round or rounds. Missed targets may not be made up.
5) In the case of equipment failure verified by the target captain, the archer will have 45 minutes for equipment repair or replacement; then, at the end of the round, in the presence of a tournament official, said archer shall be allowed to shoot the targets missed. This occurrence of equipment failure relates only to the bow or sight and may not happen more than once during each tournament-day.
6) Any archer who shoots an arrow at the target, for any reason, in excess of the prescribed number, shall lose their score for that target. Should this situation happen twice, the archer may be disqualified.
7) A dropped arrow may be re-shot. A dropped arrow is one which falls while being transferred from the quiver to be nocked on the string or in preparation for a shot or which falls from the string during a ‘controlled” letdown.
8) There will be no practicing on the range nor will any participant be allowed on the range either prior to or following the day’s competition.
9) There will be a five-minute time limit to find lost arrows. Enough arrows should be carried to allow a competitor to finish the round. If it becomes necessary to leave the range to obtain more arrows, the targets missed may not be made up. Archers will not delay following groups searching for arrows.
10) If there is a dispute that cannot be settled at the target, or place of incident, and a range official is not available, mark the scorecard and target number and consult a tournament official before you turn in your scorecard. Once a score card is turned in, it cannot be changed.


Rick & Corky Dorey

First Responder Sports Inc.
P.O. Box 608792
Orlando, FL 32860
(866) 233-4263