Bench Press

June 17, 2017

SINGLETS are required as of 2016
Weigh In – Early Weigh in is from 4:30 til 7:00pm on Friday June 16th at host hotel. Day of event weigh in is 8:00 – 9:00am at event site Rules Meeting starts at 9:00am Event starts at 10:00am

Events and Divisions:

  1. Weight Classes may be adjusted at event depending on numbers and weights of participants.
  2. Also divisions separated: With Bench Shirt and Without Bench Shirt
  3. The following weight categories are offered for men in the Open Division, 40-49
    Division, 50 – 59 and 60 and up Division:
    132 lbs.
    148 lbs.
    165 lbs.
    181 lbs.
    198 lbs.
    220 lbs.
    242 lbs.
    275 lbs.
    Women compete by using the Malone Formula (body weight). Light weight class is up
    to 165 ¾ lbs. and open unlimited is over 165 ¾ lbs.
  4. Divisions may be adjusted based on the number of participants – Coordinators discretion


$25 for Bench
$25 for Push / Pull
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Participant Information

A reminder that all participants must pick up their pre-paid participation credentials at the host hotel prior to participation  The credential office is open from 7 am til 5pm from June 5th til June 16th. It is also open June 4th after 12:00 noon. There is an additional fee for participants that do not purchase their credentials before June 1st.  Participants will not be allowed to participate without proper credentials on their person at the time of event. The host hotel is located at:




Sport Coordinators:

Deb Callahan

First Responder Sports 

General Information

1) Competition will be completed in one day.
2) The lifts will be performed in the following order: bench and deadlift
3) Powerlifting bars and weights shall be used in the competition and warm-up areas
4) One-piece weight lifting or wrestling suit must be worn. Shoes must be worn. A
lifting belt is optional and cannot exceed 1 centimeter in thickness and 4 inches in
5) T-shirts must be worn on the Bench Press (if bench shirt not used). It is optional
on the Deadlift.
6) Wraps many be worn on the knees (3”x 98.43” or 2.5 meters) and wrists (3”x39”)
7) Only powder and gym chalk may be used – lubricants are prohibited.
8) One minute will be allowed between lifts. If a lifter does not start his/her lift
before the one minute limit, the lift will not be allowed. A lifter attempting the
second or third lift will be given three minutes unless the round system is being
9) The lift must be declared a lift and the lifter may be disqualified if the weights are
dropped intentionally.
10) Bench shirts are allowed. NO two (2) ply. All commercially made bench shirts,
INZER and other makes are allowed. Both poly and denim are allowed. Velcro
or zipper-closed and pullover type are allowed. Basically, alterations to shirts that
come from the factory are allowed, provided they do NOT enhance the shirt.
11) No double-ply or canvas suits are allowed.
12) Elbow sleeves are allowed on the Deadlift, but not on the Bench Press.
13) Shin guards area allowed on the Deadlift, provided they are worn under the socks.
14) Any injuries allowing blood seepage must be properly bandaged. If the bar is
exposed to any blood on the Deadlift, the meet will be suspended until the
exposed area on the bar is cleaned with a bleach solution.
15) Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. This includes profanity. Lifter
will be disqualified.
1) Bar went back down after the referee’s signal “Press” (double dipping).
2) Lifter did not wait for the referee’s signal, (bar absolutely motionless at the chest
then motionless at arm’s length), “Press” or “Rack”.
3) Lift off not given to the lifter at arms length.
4) Spacing of the hands too wide on the bar. The grip can be no wider than the
measurement of 34 inches from the inside of the forefingers.
5) Lifter’s butt came off the bench after the referee’s signal – “Press”
6) Lifter’s feet changing position after the “Press” command.
7) Feet touching against bench support during the lift proper.
8) Uneven extensions of the arms
9) Lifter ran out of time (same as deadlift rule #8)
10) Lifter changes part of his costume (same as deadlift rule #9)
11) Spotter touched the bar after the lift off and before the signal to “Rack”
12) Lifter has thirty (30) seconds to leave platform (same as deadlift rule #11)
13) Shoulder touched uprights of bench.
14) Any change of elected lifting position after the referee’s signal – “Press”
15) May not ride uprights on the way up; however, bumping the uprights is allowed,
provided they were not used to assist in the lift.
1) The bar is raised off platform and goes back down again (like a double bounce)
before the actual attempt taken and/or the weight didn’t rise with the deliberate
attempt to do so.
2) Lifter didn’t wait for the referee’s signal to lower the bar – “Down”
3) Bar supported on thighs, even though it keeps moving (re-dipping).
4) Lift did not stand erect, and/or knees were not locked at completion.
5) Shifting of feet during lift. May go up/down in same place.
6) Bar returned to platform without maintaining control with both hands.
7) Lifter intentionally dropped the weight
8) Lifter ran out of time (same as bench rule #9)
9) Lifter changes costume (same as bench rule #10)
10) Spotter touched bar during lift for some unusual reason.
11) Lifter has thirty (30) seconds to leave (same as bench rule #12)
12) Main rule: No hitching of the bar. Movement may stop on way up, but may not
go back down.



The events will be separated into the following Divisions:

Male                                             Female

Open                                              Open                40+ using Schwartz Formula

Mixed Pairs – combined lifts, using Schwartz formula

The divisions will have different weight classes.  The number and quantity of the weight classes will be dependant on the number of entries:  The following is a guideline to the weight classes and may be changed by the coordinator as needed:

                                MEN                                                       WOMEN

  •            132.25 & UNDER                                     114.50 & UNDER
  •            148.75 & UNDER                                     123.50 & UNDER
  •            165.25 & UNDER                                     132.25 & UNDER
  •            181.75 & UNDER                                     148.75 & UNDER
  •            198.25 & UNDER                                     165.25 & UNDER
  •            220.25 & UNDER                                     181.75 & UNDER
  •            242.50 & UNDER                                     198.25 & UNDER
  •            275.50 & UNDER                                     220.25 & UNDER
  •            275.51 & OVER                                        220.26 & OVER                             

Medals to all individuals (1st – 3rd places) in each divisions and weight classes



A participants briefing to be held prior to the event will explain the rules and regulations, the start time and locations. Weigh-In will start 14 hours prior to the start of the event.

The event coordinator will inform all participants of the weigh-in location and the time that weigh in will occur.


The only legal grip for the bench press shall be as follows:

1. As a lifter grips the bar, the palms shall be facing outward and away from the face at all times

2. As a lifter grips the bar, the thumbs shall be placed around the bar toward the palm side of the hand with the thumbnail in close proximity to the tip of each forefinger.



1. No shirts other than a non-supporting mandatory T-shirt will be allowed.

2. No wraps of any kind will be allowed

3. The only supportive gear allowed will be the optional lifting belt.


Bench Press

  1. The lifter approaches the bench with the top of the bench facing the audience and the judges.
  2. The lifter must lie backwards with the head, shoulders, and buttocks in contact with the bench. The lifter receives the bar at arms length from the spotters.
  3. On receiving a command from the head judge to “start”, the bar is brought down onto the chest, paused and then it is pressed back to the starting position.
  4. The head judge then gives the command “rack” with the movement of the hand backwards. The bar is then returned to the bench racks.
  5. The lifter is then judged on the lift.

Causes for disqualification from the Bench Press:

  1. Failure to observe the referee’s signals.
  2.   Any change in the elected position of the shoulders, head, raising of buttocks, lateral movements of hands, or excessive movement of the feet during the lift itself.
  3.   Inadequate pause of the bar on the chest as well as heaving or bouncing the bar off the chest.
  4. Allowing the bar to sink into the chest on the upward press.
  5. Uneven extension of the arms during the lift
  6. Any downward motion of the bar on the upward press
  7. Contact with the bar by the spotters during the lift
  8. Any contact with the lifters shoes on the bench during the lift
  9. Deliberate contact with the uprests of the bench and the bar in order to assit the lift
  10. Failure of the center spotter to give the central referee a clear view

Other considerations:
An Overall Lifter award , using Schwartz formula, will be determined from participants entered.

Deb Callahan

First Responder Sports Inc. (FRS)
P.O. Box 608792
Orlando, FL 32860
(866) 233-4263