First Responder Games Billiards 2008





June 14, 2018 – 8 Ball
June 15, 2018 – 9 Ball,
June 16, 2018 – one pocket

Start time all days will be 12:00  noon

$20 each event
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Sport Coordinators:
Mike Topper
First Responder Sports

Participant Information

A reminder that all participants must pick up their pre-paid participation credentials at the host hotel prior to participation  The credential office is open from 7 am til 5pm from June 4th til June 15th. It is also open June 3rd after 12:00 noon. There is an additional fee for participants that do not purchase their credentials before June 1st.  Participants will not be allowed to participate without proper credentials on their person at the time of event. The host hotel is located at:

Crowne Plaza – Bell Tower
13051 Bell Tower Dr,
Fort Myers, FL 33907


 Diamond Billiards
1242 SW Pine Island Rd, Ste 4
Cape Coral, Florida 33991

See the rules of sports for the complete set of rules

EVENT:The events will be eight (8) ball and nine (9) ball
The event is divided into the following divisions:

Individual Men:                               Individual Women:
Open                                                  Open

Medals to all individuals (1st – 3rd places) in each division

This event will be held over 2 days, 1 day for each event – 8 ball and 9 ball. A participants meeting will be held prior to the event will explain the rules and regulations, the start time and locations. Option of adding 3rd event – one pocket – coordinator discretion


Sport Coordinator:  Supervises all facets of event.

A Protest Committee consisting of the event coordinator, a neutral third party coach, and a member of the executive staff shall be assembled on matters regarding protests.  The decision rendered by this committee is final.

BCA rules (Billiard Congress of America) will be utilized with the following exceptions and directives:

Double elimination.  Race to 5 for the 9- ball event.  Race to 3 for the 8- Ball event.  If a player is not present for the scheduled match, a five (5) minute period shall be waited.  If the player is absent at the end of the five-minute period, the match shall be forfeited.

Players must call ball and pocket.  The shot does not have to go clean as long as the players ball is hit first.  The eight ball is neutral, but may not be hit first to pocket the player’s ball.  Call all pockets verbally or by pointing so that the opposing player acknowledges.

If a player misses their ball or it hits an opponent’s ball first, it will be considered a scratch shot (not a foul).  The player would loose their turn.  The opponent will be given “ball in hand”; thus being allowed to place the cue anywhere on the table.

If during the break a player pockets opposing balls, the table is considered open until the player calls and pockets the next ball.  If a player scratches on the break, the opposing player resumes play with the cue placed behind the foul line.  Any pocketed balls during the scratch break remain pocketed and the table is still to be considered open.  If the eight ball is scratched during the break, the table will be re-racked and the same player will be break again.  No win or loss will result from the eight ball being pocketed during a break.

Once a ball is pocketed, it cannot touch the playing surface again.  All balls pocketed, remain pocketed.

A double hit on the cue shall constitute a foul.  The moving of any ball (other than a legal hit) shall constitute a foul.  No re-positioning of any balls shall take place, shooter forfeits their shot and the opposing player resumes play with the cue placed behind the foul line.  When a player is re-positioning the cue ball after a foul or scratch, positioning of that ball with the cue is not a foul.

All players must keep a foot or toe on the floor during all shots.

No player shall mark the table to aid in making a shot.

If an outsider physically touches a player or stick and any ball is moved, the ball(s) shall be positioned as close to their original spot as possible and re-shot.

If the cue or any ball leaves and comes to rest off the table, it will be considered a scratch with the opponent given “ball in hand”, thus the opponent will be allowed to place the cue anywhere on the table.  The ball(s) that left the playing surface shall be positioned as close to the point of exit as possible.

Only the opposing player can call a foul.  Any other person calling a foul makes a foul call invalid.

For eight ball, when racking the balls, the “1” ball is to be put at the head of the rack, and the “8” ball  is to be placed in the center of the rack and altering solid/striped balls at each corner.

The winner of the break will be determined by a lag.  The player winning the break must make an open break or pocket a ball.  An open break consists of at least 2 balls breaking from the rack and touching rails without any balls being pocketed.  If you don’t have a clean break a re-break will occur.

Mike Topper

First Responder Sports Inc. (FRS)
P.O. Box 608792
Orlando, FL 32860
(866) 233-4263