Fishing – Inshore




June 8&9, 2018

June 8, 2018 6pm Participants Meeting
June 9, 2018  Fishing Date

Start time and return time will determined at participant meeting

 Teams entered will be posted here

Events and Divisions:

  • Local and Non-Local Divisions for
    • Snook
    • Trout
    • RedFish


$100 per boat – Max 4 participants per boat
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Sport Coordinators:

Brad Buczko

First Responder Sports

Participant Information

A reminder that all participants must pick up their pre-paid participation credentials at the participants meeting.  Participants will not be allowed to participate without proper credentials on their person at the time of event.

Participants Meeting / Weigh In/Launch Site/ Host Hotel :

Port of the Islands Resort and Marina
25000 Tamiami Trail E, Naples, FL 34114
(855) 923-8194

The event is divided into the following divisions:

  • Local and Non-Local Divisions for
    • Snook
    • Trout
    • RedFish

    • Fish will be measured in overall inches
    • All state and federal laws apply
    • No fishing with in any marina areas
    • No hired guides and or chartered boats will be permitted to participate in the inshore tournament.
    • Wading permitted
    • Only officially registered boats and anglers can compete in the tournament.


  • Eligible-fish categories for this tournament are redfish, trout, and snook. There will be Local and Non Local divisions for medals that will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Local is determined by a radius of 50 miles from the center of the host county. Non-Local are all other counties outside this radius. Prizes will be awarded to the highest total lengths.
  • In case of a tie 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals will be awarded to both teams who tie.


  • Event Coordinator:  The Event Coordinator will supervise all facets of this event.
  • Event Staff – Is the staff gathered by the coordinator to facilitate and run the event.  This staff has the right to disqualify anyone for any reason deemed appropriate and are the final authority in all matters concerning the tournament.
  • Weigh masters have final say when it comes to length –  Complaints to be made within 30 minutes of the last boat to check in
  • A Protest Committee consisting of the event coordinator, the weigh master and a member of the executive staff shall be assembled on matters regarding protests.  The decision rendered by this committee is final.

Competition will be a one day tournament.

Event Rules:

  • First to Register First to Leave.
  • Catch photo and release tournament. Photos can be taken on a phone or camera. The whole fish must be able to be viewed CLEARLY at the check in
  • Any bait of choice
  • Professional start with time to be disclosed at captains meeting ,
    • Boats will be released one half hour prior to safe operational light due to extended idle time
  • Teams can enter a max of 1 redfish, 1 trout, and 1 snook for max of total inches. You do not have to have all 3 species. There is no maximum or minimum size on the fish required.  Prizes will be awarded to the highest total lengths.
  • Teams must measure fish on the Romp In The Swamp measuring boards ( issued to teams at Captains meeting) – Failure to return said boards will result in disqualification and a charge of $50 to the Captain
  • Nose to the front of the board touching and pinched to the maximum. Lines/fish/numbers on the boards must be clearly visable. Fish will be rounded up to the nearest 1/2 inch. Include the boat number in the picture
  • Calcutta fish will be measured the same way
  • Teams can check back in at the Hotel tiki bar as early as 1 PM
  •  Lines out of water after 4 PM
  • A check-in boat will be at the end of the no wake from 3-4 PM but still have to go to the tiki bar at the hotel check in and verify fish photos
  • Teams that pass the tournament check in boat NO LATER than 4 PM and into the no wake zone will be allowed to check in with no late penalty. You will receive a tag between 3 – 4:15 for check in
  • 3 inch per minute late to weight in

Brad Buczko

First Responder Sports Inc.
P.O. Box 608792
Orlando, FL 32860
(866) 233-4263