June 14, 15, 16, 2018

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Sport Coordinators:

Chuck Argabright
First Responder Sports


Kelly Road Park
10750 Kelly Rd
Fort Myers, FL 33908

Participant Information

A reminder that all participants must pick up their pre-paid participation credentials at the host hotel prior to participation  The credential office is open from 7 am til 5pm from June 4th til June 15th. It is also open June 3rd after 12:00 noon. There is an additional fee for participants that do not purchase their credentials before June 1st.  Participants will not be allowed to participate without proper credentials on their person at the time of event. The host hotel is located at:

Crowne Plaza – Bell Tower
13051 Bell Tower Dr,
Fort Myers, FL 33907

Tournament Bracketing

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General Information:

See the rules of sports for the complete set of rules

The event is divided into the following divisions::
Mens and Womens

Medals to all individuals ( 1st – 3rd place) on the roster including 1 non – playing coach.

Rosters are limited to a maximum of 15 players plus one (1) Non-Playing Coach.

Sport Coordinator:  Supervises all facets of event.

Assistant Sport Coordinator:  Where multiple facilities are used, the Assistant Sport Coordinator will assume Sport Coordinator’s duties at the facility he/she is assigned.

A referee and at least one assistant referee (linesman) must work all games. The officials should be qualified, registered officials. Their decisions are final on points of fact connected with game.

Check-in table workers:  one (1) person to work the competitor check-in table located at each venue each day of competition.  They work under the direct supervision of the Sport Coordinator.

A captains briefing will be held prior to the event will explain the rules and regulations, the start time, and locations. A coach or representative from each team must be present at this meeting.  The brackets will be drawn at this briefing.  If no representative is present, the team will be considered a “no-show” and will not be placed in the bracket.  NO EXCEPTIONS


General Rules

  • Number of Players – Each team will place 7 players on the field. 1 goalie and 6 field players. Each team shall consist of a maximum of 15 players on the roster.
  • Minimum present to start games is 4.
  • Field of Play – Goal sizes are 7’ x 21’, FIELD OF PLAY: Rectangular, with the length no more than 70 yards, with the Third Line is being 15yds in front of the goal (third line is dynamic dependent on the dimensions of the field). Its width no more than 50 yards. The length shall always exceed the width.
  • Official size ball is a 5.
  • Referees – One official will be scheduled for all group play games.  Two officials will be scheduled for playoffs and the finals.
  • All rules are in accordance of FIFA, except as specified herein.

Game Management

  • A ball may be played back or forward to start.
  • A goal can be scored directly off a kickoff.
  • Time will consist of two twenty five (25) minute running halves. The officials on the field will keep the clock. The clock will not be adjusted for injury or other reasons.
  • Halftime will last no longer than ten (10) minutes.
  • Games during group play may end with a tied score. No overtimes will be played during group play.  Tie games will only be played out after group play.  After a tie there will be two – five (5) minute halves.  No golden goal – both halves will be played to conclusion.  If still tied after the OT periods then both teams will select five (5) players (who were on the pitch at the end of the OT period) for penalty kicks. If the teams are still tied after the first round of penalty kicks then the second round will be sudden death penalty kicks.
  • All players must wear a matching color jersey. Goalkeepers must wear a jersey of a different color. In the event jersey colors of playing teams match, the team listed first is designated home, and must change.
  • All players are required to wear protective shin guards. There will be no

exceptions. Shin guards are to meet National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) standard.  It is the responsibility of the player to provide his/her own guards.  A players socks must cover the shin guards.

  • Players requiring use of medical protective devices, such as knee braces, may be allowed to do so at Referee’s discretion. Braces made of plastic or including metal parts (hinges, etc) must be completely covered by a protective sleeve.

Points and Standings

  • Teams will be awarded points according to the following formula:

• 3 points for a win

• 1 point for a tie

• 0 points for a loss

  • The breaking of ties in the final standings, playoffs and finals is accomplished by applying the following criteria, listed in order of importance:
  • Tie Breaker:
  1.       Head to head
  2.      Goal Differential
  3.      Most goals for
  4.    Least goal against
  • If there is still a tie at the end of all four tie breakers the two teams will go directly to selecting five (5) players for penalty kicks. If the teams are still tied after the first round of penalty kicks then the second round will be sudden death penalty kicks.
  • If there is still a tie after PK’s then a coin will be tossed to determine who advances.

Specific Game Rules

  • There are no offside in 7 v 7 soccer.
  • Either team may have unlimited substitutions; substitutions will be “on the fly” which means that match play does not need to be stopped in order for substitution to occur. Substitutions may only enter from the center line.  The player substituting in cannot go on the field until the player coming out is off.
  • Slide tackling is NOT allowed. Slide tackling is defined as the following:

A player may not play or attempt to play a ball by sliding on the ground within the playing presence of another player. This includes both offensive and defensive play against either an opponent or a teammate. It is however legal to play a ball while sliding provided the play is away from other players. Slide tackling constitutes dangerous play and the referee will award a free kick at the spot of the foul. The referee may also issue a yellow or red card to the penalized player if he/she feels it is appropriate.

  • Once the goalkeeper has possession of the ball, no body contact is allowed. One hand on a stationery ball constitutes possession. Any flagrant or aggressive play toward the goalkeeper shall result in a yellow card or ejection at the discretion of the referee.  The goalkeeper may slide to play a ball.
  • The goalkeeper has six (6) seconds to put the ball back into play once they have gained possession.
  • The goalkeeper may not handle (with hands) a ball that has been intentionally played back to them by a teammate’s foot.
  • Goalkeepers cannot punt the ball.
  • 3 LINE VIOLATIONS – A player is guilty of a 3 – line violation, when he/she passes or throws the ball across 3 lines in the air, (cone to cone) towards the opponent’s goal, without touching or having been played by another player on either team. An indirect kick will be awarded, to the opposing team, at the point were the ball crossed over the first line. The Kick Off spot is considered a line.
  • FOULS FREE KICKS – All direct and indirect fouls apply. Opposing players must remain at least 5 yards from the ball. Once the referee signals for play to continue, the kicker has 5 seconds to play the ball. PUNISHMENT: Indirect free kick, Offensive Indirect kicks must be taken outside of the goal area.
  • YELLOW Cards – The Referee has the option, (when giving a YELLOW Card), to have the player sit out for two minutes, the player may be substituted. Two yellow cards in one game equal = Red Card, Red Card rule applies.  Three yellow cards during the tournament = a Red Card and the player must sit the next game.

o       A player issued a red card (either a straight red or two yellows in the same game) will serve a minimum 1 game suspen­sion. Suspensions (based on degree/nature of the offense) will range from 1 game to the remainder of the Tournament.

§         Anyone ejected from a match must leave the field area, and may be asked to leave the facility.

§         If a player is ejected during the game the Referee will keep the ejected player’s card and send it with a game report to the Tournament Coordinator.

§         The First Responder Games Disciplinary Committee will convene to assess the suspension and will notify the Team Cap­tain on the length of the suspension.   This committee will consist of the Tournament Director, a member of the executive staff, the referee that ejected the player, and a neutral 3rd party coach.  The referee will present the facts and will not have a vote deciding the length of suspension.

§         Suspended player cards will be returned to the Team Captain after the player has served his/her suspension. Special consideration may be made if this participant is competing in multiple events.

§         If a straight red or double yellow is given during the last match that a team plays in during the tournament, the suspension is considered served.

§         Fighting is a minimum three game suspension which can overlap into the next tournament.

All Referee Rulings are Final, No Arguing Allowed

  • Please respect the official on your field as well as the calls he or she makes.  Absolutely no arguing with the referee is allowed. Accordingly, the First Responder Games Tournament Director or his/her representative reserves the right to eject a player or players from the tournament/event, without a refund, in cases where referee/player conflicts arise and/or persist.

First Responder Sports Inc. (FRS)
P.O. Box 608792
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